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Winter in Russia op We Heart It


"Where should I go to?" Aren smiled, "That would be fine, though," He was already excited for it- he was tired of job-hunting. The process was dull, and the prospect of doing something new and exciting appealed massively to him.

         || ♔ || ;;

         ” ———— Center of town. There’s gonna be a big, white, building there and you’d probably know you found your way to the place regarding I’ll wait for you on the first day of your job outside.” Rena smiled, taking a sip of her coffee. “————You start tomorrow, so make sure you are prepared, alright? First day at a new job is never easy.” She jokes only to make him comfortable around her. As always.

         ”————That said, I might come and visit to see how you’re doing your job.” Scepan will throw himself in the conversation, looking over at Aren.


She knew he was gonna be embarrassed, thinking such thoughts. It will happen soon, Snow is just waiting for the right moment. It’ll be so sweet to have her first time with Scepan. She gets everything ready…a little bit later, she feels the chill outside and snuggles into him.

         || ♔ || ;;

          The breeze that overflew him as well caused a slight chill to run down his spine, and he notices as she snuggles up to him. He can’t help but smile as he wraps his arms around her to keep her warmer and sounder. He inhales, then exhales. “————Its getting rather cold outside, I should have left the windows closed.” He joked.


         || ♔ || ;;

         ” ———— And so we meet again. Do you have anymore complaints to give me about how disgusting I am, comrade?”

ωωιιι ;; ¢яυєηтυм мєηѕα ;; -¢ℓσѕє∂ яρ-


A sharp and burning pain still seized her whenever she twisted her neck too much. Angry red scratch marks drew lines down her neck, blood crusted dry. Karura alternated between losing consciousness and going into a panicked state in the vehicle, scratching once more at the chains and thinking they’re living snakes coiling around her neck. It was only when she woke up without the chains that she was able to breathe properly—- or, calmly would be a better word to describe it. There was hardly any room to breathe because the vehicle was packed with people— they even placed her son on her lap to accommodate the others, some of whom had to content themselves on the floor.

Packed like sheep being sent into the slaughter house.

Karura knew it did not help to ruminate, but when you are idle, hungry, and constantly trying to console a child (who has not spoken a word since his siblings died), the thoughts come unbidden. They come and they drain you of all the colors and happy memories in the world. Suddenly, everything around you is dark and grey— it made her even more weary. But she had to stay strong, she had to keep her hopes up. If not for her, then for her son who curled up beside her, seeking whatever warmth they could amidst the chill in the air.

                            "————We were all doves, then they threw us into oil."

Her eyes widened at the sound of a woman’s voice—- one directed at her. Had she been so lost in thought that she did not pick up on another’s presence? Karura’s eyes trailed down towards the sweater that was being offered to her. Once more, tears welled in her eyes. How could it be that times of trouble still managed to bring out selflessness in others?

She had to stay strong.

Karura flashed the best smile she could manage— always from the heart. “Thank you, thank you very much.” She graciously took the sweater and nudged her little one awake, slowly prying away the shawl that she wrapped around him. Karura had been thankful that she had that shawl wrapped around her when they were taken, so even if it was splattered with some blood, it could still be used. Once Gaara let go of the shawl, she dressed him in the sweater, whispering that it would keep him warmer and urged him to thank the nice lady that gave him the shawl. The boy looked up at the woman and nodded, tugging the shawl closer to him— but he still did not utter a word.

The moment her son was warm and curled up beside her once more, Karura turned towards the woman. “Doves has always been a symbol of hope though, if you go with the children’s stories,” her voice was soft and trembled the slightest bit. But she was trying her hardest not to let it get to her. “And I thank you for the hope you’ve brought here.”

Little by little, it was getting easier to smile. Karura wrapped the shawl around her and her son but kept the other end an open invitation to the woman, “Would you like to keep warm with us? It’s not much, but we would like to share what we have.”

         || ♔ || ;;

         Kindness and humility were words so lost in this place, so lost in the blood these devils caused the angels. Yet, even with this place being so dark and gruesome, there were people who managed to keep light and hope in their eyes, a wish for everyone to keep alive and live on while they can. It would be a hard path, surviving what was supposed to come, though there was no other option. You had to live, even if it was by force. For the sake of your family, people who root for you to keep breathing. Don’t encourage the vermin who dropped blood on your life.

         The woman Karura had just seen was nor guilt nor wicked. She was just as innocent. Though it seems she’s lost it when they took away what little she had before all this. She flashed a short smile at Karura, and nodded. “————Thank you so much.” She thanked the kind lady, then looked besides herself on the other side. She said soft Russian words to child next to her, and after she finished, the crying girl had scampered in front of her to sit somewhat in her lap. She was at least seven to eight years old. Her daughter. Last daughter.

          When she got comfortable against the steel surface of the truck where her back lay, she took a deep breath and got closer to Karura, accepting to cuddle up with the shawl they had. It wasn’t much, though enough to keep at least them warm for minimum of time. There was people freezing in here, crying, starving, one or two already got shot down. If someone was killed, the doors of the truck would have opened to throw the corpse out, then continued back to riding.

           ”————My name is Ana Korablyova.” She introduced herself, smiling slightly at the other blond besides. The child that looked over at Karura and Gaara was soon introduced too. “————And my daughter, Larisa.” She was as mute as Gaara was, only nodding at them both though she managed to try grinning for politeness. It was amazing how much a mother could withstand in this place. It was amazing how much she would bare if she carries a child with herself or if she lost it. That’s the meaning of strength and management. Being someone who possessed will to not give up on their future. Weather it be for their child or not. Its what made a human strong. Its what built them of flesh and bones. Of blood and atoms. What made doves slowly escape the oil they were thrown inside of. Snowy wings that spread apart would fly forth heavens, and maybe only there they would find the peace they couldn’t find on earth.

          The ride could have went on and on for hours, though they’d definitely knew when they reached their destination. The cold would start to kick in more and more. And more hungry children would be caught crying. Its happened more than once that the soldier inside their truck yelled at a child and hit them. If older than ten, maybe even hit with the back of his gun. 

          “————We’ve been riding for two days now. They carried us from Moscow to Egypt, probably because they wanted to send Russian prisoners with the rest at the same time to gulag. All I want them to do is spare the children. They can do whatever they want to me…but not the children…”

ωωιιι ;; ιηтσ тнє вℓσσ∂ ;; -¢ℓσѕє∂ яρ-


Hungary knew all too well that Scepan wouldn’t hesitate to put her through hell and back to get this information out of her, but she had been through much more than any other prisoner in this camp combined. It would take a lot to get her to talk. At this point her only disadvantage was Russia. Usually it would take another country to get most personifications to speak up. It was nearly like fighting fire with fire.

She stood her ground as Scepan walked closer to Hungary. Her own glare not wavering in the slightest. But don’t judge a book by its cover, her nerves were the complete opposite of what her outward expression was. Because these were the worst decisions anyone would have to make. Wither to save small amount of lives, or millions. Her mind was made up, but the thing that worried Hungary the most was if those families related to the small amounts would understand her logic or not.


     ”…I don’t know vhere they are.”

         || ♔ || ;;

         A moment of silence for all of them, Scepan didn’t do anything but slightly pull his head away from hers. He stared at her with a pale and stiff look, releasing a soft scoff which was the only sound to break the silence. He then turns away to look over at Ivan, who’s expression did not differ from his boss’. They knew what was next. 

          He turns his head at his guards, slightly raises his hand to the level of his head and gives a small gesture as a signal for the shotguns. The whimpering and crying prisoners that were filled with tension all of a sudden got a bullet through their skulls and momentarily died on spot. Blood was pouring on the ground and all around, some even managed to get on them. Scepan put his hands in his pockets and looked down at a puddle of blood that was coming closer to his feet. He saw his reflection in it. Disgusting. He spat in the blood of his victims, turning back to give Hungary a look that stated he was not to be joked with.

         ”————Should I try this again and this time let everyone else watch, or shall I return tomorrow and ask you the same question. I’m warning you. If you pick the alternative option. I won’t shoot them. I’ll run them over with a truck.” Scepan warned, his eyes glaring at Elizabeth.

         ”————You are a sad, sad woman.” 

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Arwen turned around and looked the man over. She let out a small smile as he spoke and met his gaze, She saw his hand and reached out hers to shake his hand. “I haven’t found the right person to dance with.” She said softly, “My name is Arwen Undomiel, who are you?” She said it in the most polite and kind way possible. She was always eager to meet new people. 


         || ♔ || ;;

         ” ———— Scepan Pyotr Khodorkovsky. Please address me with what is easiest for you.” He says, smiling once again. He takes a moment to hear her out of why she dances not, then tilts his head. “————Its a terrible pity, miss Undomiel. Though, see, I’m afraid I’m left free with no partner either. May I have this dance?”


     "Do you even know how many times I’ve kicked

      a man’s ass in battle? You’d probably never even
      believe it. They sure as hell didn’t.”


         || ♔ || ;;

         ” ———— Is that so? Then unfortunately for you, it won’t be the same case with me.”



As hands grabbed her arms, Kera immediately began to spew a long line of curses. What the hell could she have done this time? She could only watch as her pride was thrown around like a rag doll, watching as they smashed glass cases and flipped over chairs. How dare they. “Oi, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” If she hadn’t already been struggling, she definitely was now.

Swinging around to hit one of the soldiers, the 5’4” girl tried desperately to get away. Thrashing against the ground, small yet powerful limbs did whatever they could to land a hit. She didn’t care what they were saying; Her ears tuned them out as soon as they messed with her bakery. “What the fuck do you want from me!” She screamed, her voice hoarse and scratched with anger. 

         || ♔ || ;;

          They waited some time, only for their comrades to check for other areas weather or not there was anything that they needed to dispose of. So far, nothing at all though after they were finished with the ‘clean up’, nothing but chaos around the bakery was left. Tragic. 

          When arms lifted her back up to her feet, they began to try pushing her outside, along way also trying to tie her hands behind her back. Some had yelled at her to stop struggling, which was, even with a threat probably useless regarding the fact almost no one would stop using reflexes in times of this sort of danger. A truck outside, and they were leading her to it, though the only time the soldiers stopped was when Scepan motioned for them to halt. He had to tell the woman, and so he stepped forwards in front of her and the other men that held her.

          “————Regarding you are in America, I allege you speak English. I can’t let you be shipped away with us back to Russia until I assure you, we’ll be burning your bakery down in two days. Have a safe trip to Moscow.”